Restaurant in Granada

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We want to offer a service as complete as possible so that your experience with us is the best.

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Important information

You can use our facilities as you prefer so that even the smallest detail is perfect. For us, attention, care and the sum of all the details, become key factors for the success of your visit. Therefore, we offer you a personalized service and we want our options to merge with your proposals.

Do you want to celebrate a birthday and let’s have a dessert? Make the commission for us and we’ll take care of it. We also offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free food. Choose from Zoraya Gardens menu, Chef’s menu, a la carteoptions, group menus (pre-mail hire) or children’s menu (up to 16 years old).

We have such interesting dishes as the Iberian dam, the cod coal, the tender rooms, the traditional salmorejo, the gazpacho of strawberries with goat cheese snow, the cheese tasting (of the well-known cheese shop “Las RRR”), the famous sausages Martin Martin Iron or the jugrelating lamb jar. It is worth noting the importance of the products of the land, that is why we have the variety of artisan ice creams of San Nicolás, which provide us with ice creams of dates, honey, orange blossom, figs and other surprising flavors and textures.

Group Menus

At your disposal the establishment and its services to host any type of group.

Call Daniela Lancini: 958 206 266 or write to us and we inform you without obligation.