Videos flamenco shows

A small sample of what we do every night in our tablao, so that you get a little closer to our flamenco atmosphere.

For them we have created a youtube list where you can see all the summaries of each week.

Video flamenco Zoraya

Discover with this video your Tablao restaurant in Granada, located in Jardines de Zoraya. Jardines de Zoraya allows you to discover Granada through its typical dishes, its flamenco and its surroundings. You will dine in a room decorated in the most Andalusian style, with hand painted chairs and tables, where Andalusian cuisine and good flamenco are gathered. With this video we want to invite you to one of our flamenco nights.

Flamenco Zoraya

To THE Dance- Paola Almodóvar, Vicente Fernández, El Moreno, Fran Vílchez.

THE Song- Antonio de Chauchina

TO THE Guitar- José Cortés El Pirata

TO THE Box- Chema del statehood

Tablao facilities

Each day we offer a different show based on the inspiration and feeling of each artist. If you have a video of our Tablao you want to share with us let arrive. It has several main rooms: an interior lounge, a spacious bar for tapas and a terrace-garden behind the old Mosque of Albaycín, where tranquility and aromatic plants envelop you.

Spanish Tastemade

Published on 25 Jan. 2017
Are you ready to live the passion of flamenco art and continue enjoying the exquisite Spanish cuisine? Sofi runs through Granada and shows us how to make an Iberian acorn dam.

Olé David Moreira to the violin.

To THE Dance- Susana Sánchez

THE Song- Sergio Gómez %22El Colorao%22

TO THE Guitar- José Cortés El Pirata

TO THE Box- Chema del statehood

To THE Violin- David Moreira