Flamenco in its purest form

Tablao Granada

Source: Diario Granada Hoy

Tania Abril

Zoraya Gardens fuses art and gastronomy

Offers an artistic schedule every week

The flamingo beats the way in the heart of Albaicín. The taconeo, palms and compass with hands and feet, touches of guitar, percussion and voice, all live, are climbed night after night – since 2009 – to tablao de Jardines de Zoraya to offer an authentic flamenco show in its purest form. A place, half Spanish, half French, that fuses Andalusian astronomy with flamenco art and thus provides an experience for the palate and the rest of the senses.

Among the different options offered by Zoraya Gardens, perhaps one of the most attractive is to attend a dance and singing session, and dine for only 43 euros.

Enter the small room where dinner and spectacle are served, is to enter a corner with Andalusian touches, anea chairs and wooden tables, and on the walls a fun and picturesque exhibition of allegorical illustrations to flamenco art by the artist Neila Pascual.

The gastronomic suggestion focuses its dishes based on “Andalusian gastronomy and distinguished wines; a culinary proposal that will make you discover the most authentic flavors of the land, local dishes, and others more daring to the delight of the most demanding palates.

All this culminated in delicious desserts and wines that pair perfectly with each of the dishes chosen”, says Miguel Moreno, entrepreneur at the head of this project; and that defines this Carmen as “an international corner, as its gastronomy and flamenco, and a mandatory stop for anyone who wants to enjoy a great evening in Granada”.

With two daily sessions (20:00 and 22:30 hours) and the dancer Violeta Ruiz in charge of the artistic direction, Jardines de Zoraya offers different programs every week, highlighting internationally renowned artists such as Raquel Heredia ‘La Repompa’, Cristina Aguilera, Conchi Maya, Esther Marín, José Cortés ‘El Indio’ or Luis de Luis; it also has special schedules once a month, with guest artists from outside Granada. He sang vocals such as Sergio Gómez ‘El Colorao’, Alicia Morales, Antonio Gómez ‘El Turry’, Juan Angel Tirado accompanied by guitar greats such as Rubén Campos, César Cubero, José Fernández and José Cortés ‘El Pirata’.

Also within the cast of artists to the box Julián Heredia and Chema del Estad. In short, four or five artists give life every day to the cozy setting, surrounded by tables and chairs where the public can feel up close the feeling and passion of those who beat themselves in the tablao.

Likewise, Jardines de Zoraya offers the opportunity to attend the show without dinner (18 euros). The place also has a terrace and different proposals – both culinary and artistic – depending on the season as can be the case of Valentine’s Day (from 10 to 14 February) or Easter. In addition, for those who want to feel flamenco in their body and learn some dance and compass, there is the possibility to climb the tables and take initiation classes. Zoraya Gardens thus becomes an essential cultural leisure space of Granada.