To the 💃🕺 dance
-CRISTINA CARRASCO (September 20-26)
-JAVIER SERRANO ( September 20-26)

Al Cante 🎤
-MARÍA DEL MAR FERNÁNDEZ (September 20-26)
-ALICIA MORALES (20,21,22 September)
-ANTONIO CAMPOS (September 26)

At the touch 🎸
-MARCOS PALOMETAS (September 20-26)

To the violin 🎻
-DAVID MOREIRA ( September 25)

To the flute
-ELOY HEREDIA (September 23,24)

Enjoy the closeness with the artists and all the passion of the best #flamenco in the center of #Granada.

🎶Spectacles every day at 18:00h,20:00h and 22:30h

🍽️ Restaurant open from 18:00 to 24:00h