Restaurant’s 2020 menu


Mediterranean cuisine, with local products

In our restaurant we want to offer you personalized attention, so that you feel the comfort of your home, but enjoy a unique experience through tasty dishes made with the best products of the land.

In Jardines de Zoraya we put our heart in everything we do because we like to take care of every detail. Whether you’re here to enjoy drinks, lunch or dinner, we have drinks, menus, a la carte options and a selection for children.

Both solo and in company, the delight of the palates is assured thanks to the most exquisite elaborations.

FIRST- Starters

Iberian sausages table Martín Hierro and Montefrío goat cheese
Assortment of Martín Hierro cured meats, Montefrío goat cheese

Pumpkin cream with goat cheese
Pumpkin cream with goat cheese

Beet Carpaccio, parmesan cheese, melva, capers, grenadine salt, onion vinaigrette
Beetroot carpaccio, slices of Parmesan cheese, melva, capers, grenadine salt, onion vinaigrette


Iberian pork cheeks from Coloryn (Sierra de Andújar), homemade mashed potatoes, vegetables
Iberian pork cheeks – Coloryn (Sierra de Andújar) with homemade potatoes puré, vegetables

Cod supreme with white asparagus muslin and truffle oil
Oven roasted cod loin, white asparagus mousseline, truffle oil

Crispy Mediterranean, Tzaziki of the house, zucchini noodles
Crispy vegetables and cheese Mille feuille, homemade tzaziki, courgette

POSTRES- Desserts

Chocolate Delight
Chocolate cake

Pannacotta with fruits of the forest
Pannacotta, red berries

*The price of flamenco show is not included- Flamenco show not included

FIRST- Starters

Tender habitats, Iberian ham, artichokes, free-range eggs
Baby beans, Iberian ham, artichokes, corral eggs

Acorn 100 Iberian Ham Table, Coloryn, Sierra de Andújar & Goat Cheese of Montefrío (Granada)
Plate of 100 acorn-fed Iberian ham, Coloryn (Sierra de Andújar) & goat cheese from Montefrío (Granada)

Cortijo El Manzano gratin goat cheese salad (Granada), clawed walnuts, old-fashioned mustard vinaigrette
Salad with gratinated goat cheese from Cortijo El Manzano (Granada), Caramelized walnuts, wholegrain mustard vinaigrette


Iberian acorn dam with Pedro Ximénez, artichoke gratin, sauteed mushrooms Accorn Iberian Pork with Pedro Ximénez and artichoke gratin, sauteed mushrooms

Cod charcoal with white asparagus muslin, truffle oil
Calamari ink tempura cod, white asparagus mousseline, truffle oil

Mushroom risotto (death trumpets, shimeji), truffle oil
Mushroom risotto (black trumpet, shimeji), truffle oil

POSTRES- Desserts

Albayzín ice cream glass (honey, dates, orange blossom)
Cup of special flavour Albayzín ice cream(honey, dates, orange blossom)

Hazelnut chocolate brownie served with coconut ice cream
Chocolate brownie with hazelnut served with coconut ice cream

served with a drink from Nectar Pedro Ximénez (Jeréz de la Frontera)
served with a glass of sweet sherry Néctar Pedro Ximénez (Jeréz de la Frontera)

*The price of flamenco show is not included- Flamenco show not included

Our 2020 letter


Pumpkin cream, goat’s cheese emulsion, pistachio dust 9,50
Cordobes style tomato cream soup, olive oil ice cream, iberian ham, hard-boiled egg 9,50
Andalusian gazpacho served with strawberry ice cream, sherry vinegar and goat’s cheese snow 8,50
Goat’s cheese salad, caramelized walnuts, wholegrain mustard vinaigrette 14,50
Organic tomato salad 14,50
Mango salad, tropical coast guacamole, fig vinaigrette 14,50
Grilled asparragus with iberian ham, romesco sauce 15,50
Sauteed broad beans, artichokes, free range eggs, iberian ham 16,50


Accompanying the song

Assortment of cured meats martín hierro 17,50
Plate of iberian ham jabugo martín hierro 19,50
Assortment of cheeses from granada 18,50


Sea land and art

Smoked salmon, stir fry vegetables 18,50
Grilled octopus, cauliflower purée, white chocolate 21,50
Tuna tataki, grilled apple, wild rice salad 21,50
Calamari ink tempura cod, white asparagus mousseline 19,50
Iberian pork cheeks, parmentier potatoes, vichy carrot 18,50
Segureño roast lamb shank, rustic mashed potatoes and cherry tomato confit 20,50
Smoked iberian pork with aromatic herbs, mashed sweet potatoes and chestnuts, sautéed mushrooms, pedro ximenez sauce 19,50
Matured entrecôte, gratin dauphinois 24,50
Puff pastry stuffed with vegetables and cheese, homemade tzaziki, courgette salad 16,50
Mushroom risotto 17,50



Pistachio delight (ice cream, cream, sponge cake and pistachio soil, with clawed pistachios) 7.50
Chocolate sin (chocolate brownie, white chocolate soup,
dark chocolate ice cream 70) 7.50
Creme brulée, apple smoothie and cinnamon ice cream 7.50
Cured cheesecake and truffle with textures from Pedro Ximénez 7 x 50
Caramelized torrija with pineapple ice cream 7 .50
Cup of Albayzín ice cream (honey, dates, orange blossom) 7.50



Robuchon prawns, kimuchi mayonnaise 14,50
Vegetables crudité, hummus, arabic bread 14,50
Chicken roll stuffed with avocado and pepper mayonnaise 14,50
Maroccan pastilla with hummus 17,50

Menu 2020

Restaurant, Zoraya Gardens