Luis Mariano | 2021
Flamenco guitarist, composer and music producer, of unmistakable Garanaíno label.
Study with Pepe the Mariner. He began his professional career in the companies of Mariquilla, La Tati and Antonio Canales among many others. His touch, characterized by his cleanliness, strength and special sweetness makes him one of the references of the Granaína guitar today.

He is required in numerous national and international festivals as a soloist, highlighting the Frankfurt Guitar Festival “Musikmesse”, Guitar Festival Ruts in Austria, or the Granada Guitar Festival at the Isabel la Católica Theatre.
Guitar masters like Manolo Sanlucar has his touch for projects like “La Obra Magna de Flamenco” presented recently.
In 2014, it is Estrella Morente who decides to count on the guitar of Luis Mariano for the show “Pastora 1922” under the direction of Enrique Morente.

His collaborations with figures such as Miguel Poveda, Carmen Linares, Arcángel, Argentina, Luis el Zambo, Capullo de Jerez or Diego “El Cigala” stand out. or Marina Heredia
The personality of Luis Mariano, makes his touch exceptionally creative for the dance. This leads him to perform the composition and musical direction of the shows of dancers such as Manuel Liñán, Fuensanta la Moneta, Patricia Guerrero, Mónica Iglesias and a long etcetera.
His interest, creativity, and wide musical record transcend beyond any label through collaborations and projects with artists of various musical styles. like Josep Póns, Yorríck, Mariola Cantarero, or Chekára.
He is currently immersed in his new solo work “Suspiro del Moro” which will be released this year.

He composes and produces numerous albums by artists such as Marina Heredia, Jaime el Parrón, Marta la Niña, and Juan Pinilla.
Under his label “Luis Mariano Recording Studio” he recorded the soundtrack of numerous projects and films such as the documenta “Luna Negra” by the multidisciplinary artist Mikel Belascoáin and Alba Heredia.

He composes and assumes the musical direction of numerous dance shows “Duende” “Tauro” of the Manuel Liñan National Prize or “Divino amor humano” of Fuensanta la Moneta.


Luis Mariano

Guitarist and composer, Luis Mariano Recording Studio

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