Dancer and dancer graduated from the Conservatorio Profesional de Danza de Madrid. Formed by masters such as Mario Maya, Miguel Medina and Luís de Luís among others. He also has training in ballet, Spanish folklore and contemporary dance with teachers such as Alejandro Donaire, María Jiménez and Eloy Pericet.
In his professional career it is worth highlighting his work in the companies of Mario Maya with the logoquino show %22Diálogos del Amargo%22, in the dance company %22Suite Española%22 with the shows of %22Garnata%22 and %22Bolero%22 and with the Company of Rafael Aguilar with the %22Carmen%22 show with an extensive tour of important theaters around the world such as the Marinsky (St. Petersburg), the Hanover Opera House or the Munich Opera House.
Solo dancer of the company of Juan Manuel Carrillo with the shows %22A golpe y Tacón%22 and %22A compás%22. Guest artist and choreographer at several galas in Tokyo with the %22Masamy Okada Flamenco Company%22.
Flemish artist representing Madrid by the Board of Tourism in London under the direction of Dani Pannullo and is featured in his last show of 2008 %22Desordances4%22.
First dancer in the dance company of Rafael Amargo with the shows %22Amor Brujo%22 %22Don Quijote%22 and %22Poet in New York%22 %22Enramblao2%22 touring the most important theaters in the world.
During these years Madrid and Granada have alternated with shows, tours and classes as a teacher. In addition to the realization of different workshops abroad.
He has been required by Ballantine’s for a tour of representation by the best Jazz clubs in Asia with his show accompanied by Abraham Carmona visiting cities such as Beijing, Shanghai Ningbo, Xian, Shenzhen, Chengdu, etc.
He currently runs his own company with which he has premiered his first show %22Con Cinco Sentidos%22 at the Concert Hall of the Forbidden City of Beijing, %22En Mis adentros%22 premiered in Granada and %22Temple Flamenco%22 making season in 2010 at the Teatro Arlequín de Madrid, with great success of critic and public and subsequent tour of Argentina and Uruguay.
Dance in the restaurant the gardens of zoraya since 2012

Fran Vílchez


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PROGRAMACIÓN DEL 6 al 12 DE JUNIO LUNES 6BAILE: Esther Marín & Dani NavarroCANTE: Antonio Gómez El Turry & Fita HerediaGUITARRA: Fermín FernándezMARTES 7BAILE: Esther Marín & Dani NavarroCANTE: Marta la Niña & Fita HerediaGUITARRA: José Cortés El...

Flamenco May Program in Jardines de Zoraya

PROGRAMMING FROM 2 TO 8 MAY   MONDAY 2DANCE: Luis de Luis & Esther MarínSINGING: Sergio El Colorao & Antonio HerediaGUITAR: : Jose de la Marga TUESDAY 3DANCE: Luis de Luis & Esther MarínSINGING: Sergio El Colorao & Jose FernándezGUITAR: : Jose de...

Flamenco March Programming Granada

Weekly programming from March 21 to 27 We are pleased to welcome CLAUDIA LA DEBLA as a guest artist the week of March 21 to 27. He will share the tables with another phenomenon of the usual dance of our tablao: LUIS DE LUIS. CLAUDIA LA DEBLA starts dancing with only 4...

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Schedule from 28 to 6 March PROGRAMMING FROM FEBRUARY 28 TO MARCH 5MONDAY 28DANCE: Esther Marín & Luis de LuisSING: Alicia Morales & Estela La CanasteraGUITAR: Jose de la MargaTUESDAY 1DANCE: Esther Marín & Luis de LuisSINGING: Sergio Gómez El Colorao & Juan Ángel...



MONDAY 20DANCE: Raquel Heredia La Repompa & Juan de la MolíaSINGING: Antonio Gómez El TurryGUITAR: Rubén Campos TUESDAY 21DANCE: Raquel Heredia La Repompa & Juan de la MolíaSINGING: Antonio Gómez El TurryGUITAR: Rubén Campos WEDNESDAY 22DANCE: Cristina Soler...