Year 2000 debuted at 8 years in the flamenco tablao %22Sala Alhambra%22 by the dancer Mariquilla. Year 2001 combines for 1 year %22Sala Alhambra%22 and tablao Flamenco %22Albaicín%22. In 2001 he entered the Conservatory of Dance of Granada; he also continues at the Mariquilla Flamenco Academy. In 2002, he toured with the company of Tatiana Garrido in Budapest. In 2002 she went on to teach Classical and Spanish Dance with Professor Maite Galán. Year 2003 enters the Ballet %22Danzas de España%22 by Maite Galán. Year 2003 begins taking flamenco classes with Professor Adrián Sánchez with which he is two years. She continues her training at the Maite Galán Dance Academy where she is examined annually in Madrid, at the Association of Spanish and Flamenco Dance Teachers (APDE) Año 2005 she becomes the first Dancer of the Ballet %22Dances of Spain%22 by Maite Galán. He continues to train at the maite Galán academy completing APDE courses in 2007, the same year he entered the Conservatorio de Danza de Granada Reina Sofía. Performs 4th and 5th Professional Teachings in such Conservatory. In 2009, she travels to Madrid to the Carmen Amaya dance conservatory where she finishes the 6th Spanish Dance course with excellent grades and finishes her academic training. Year 2010/2011 she works as a teacher at the Professional Dance School of Maite Galán. In 2012, he is part of the company %22Alhucema%22 with which he travels to countries such as Sweden, France and Canada. In 2012 and 2013 she is a professor at the Municipal School of Flamenco of Granada. Year 2012 is part of the flamenco company Clavel and Flamenco, performing in places such as Peña la Platería, Señorío de Nevada or Carmen de los Chapiteles. In 2012 he toured Sweden with the company Alhucemas under Juan Miguel Giménez. Year 2012 is part of the Opera Quero Dance Company, performing the %22Pasos de Valiente%22 assembly at the Teatro Medina Elvira in Atarfe. Year 2012 finalist in the casting made by B-Mount Film to make a television commercial in Japan. Year 2012 and 2013 he works assiduously in the flamenco tablao the %22Templo del Flamenco%22.

Cristina Aguilera


Flamenco show from 13 to 19 September in Granada

It brings us one of the most personal singers of Granada JAIME HEREDIA EL PARRÓN . He will be accompanied by the singing ANTONIO GOMEZ EL TURRY, the guitar RUBEN CAMPOS and the dance LUIS DE LUIS and RAQUEL LA REPOMPA.

Antonio Gonzalez

In 2009 he participated in the television contest %22Veo Veo%22 of Canal Sur where he won the special mention at the age of 14. At the age of 20 he began to work professionally in the flamenco tablaos and caves of Granada, where he acquired the necessary technique for...

Luis Mariano

Luis Mariano | 2021Flamenco guitarist, composer and music producer, of unmistakable Garanaíno label.Study with Pepe the Mariner. He began his professional career in the companies of Mariquilla, La Tati and Antonio Canales among many others. His touch, characterized by...

José Fermín Fernández. Guitarist

Born in Iznalloz (Granada) in 1995, it is in the family where he learns his first bars in a self-taught way. His mother sang since he was a child and the young singer assimilated the songs he heard from the radio in the voices of Camarón and other flamenco artists of...

Monica Iglesias

National Award %22Desplante%22 Flamenco Dance (International Festival of Las Minas)Best Choreography/Solo Performance Award(Choreographic Contest D.Española y Flamenco de Madrid)First Prize Flamenco Choreography (International Contest of Castellón) Mónica Iglesia, is...

Our terrace is open from today

The time we all hoped for has finally arrived. We can already go out for a drink and almost return to the daily life of before. This bad drink is best spent outdoors and in the sun, so our terrace is open from today, come and visit us and enjoy freedom with us. Do not...

Programming from 26 to 28 March

- Friday 26 pass at 21h, with dinner from 19h Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 we put 2 passes - at 16h with lunch from 13h30 (a la carte or with menu) - at 21h with dinner from 19h (a la carte or with menu)