Young dancer born in Catalonia with Andalusian roots that starts in flamenco dance at the age of 10.
At 14 he began his professional career entering the Company of Spanish Classical ballet and Flamenco of Mari Carmen Fraga where he continues to train for 5 years and participates in numerous tours in Spain and France.

In 2000 he performed in different rooms in Lanzarote and Tenerife. He completed his training in Madrid, at the well-known Amor de Dios school, taking classes with Cristóbal Reyes and Manuel Reyes, among others.

In 2002 he was required to perform in the tablao of the theme park “Parque España” in Japan where he stayed for a year.

In 2003 he joined the Company of Rafael Aguilar with which he toured Australia, New Zealand and Germany. He then acted as a soloist in the work “Carmen” with the María Carrasco Company in Spain, Guatemala and El Salvador.
In 2005 he settled in Granada where he began working on the prestigious “Tablao Albayzín” and to teach dance classes at advanced levels in the Carmen de las Cuevas. Start traveling in numerous countries, such as China, Russia, Switzerland or Estonia where they claim to teach courses.
In 2007 he created his own company “Flamenco Amarí” with which he performed his first shows: “Dream of an Ignorant” and “Punto de Vista”.
In 2009, he traveled to Tokyo and shared the stage with artists such as Enrique el Extremeño in the Sala Andaluza.

In 2010 she collaborated with the Moneta in the presentation of her show “Bailar Vivir” at the Seville Biennale.

In 2011 he presented his show “Amalgama” at the I Festival of the Caves in the Sacromonte.

Javier Martos