José Cortés was born in Granada in 1984. From a young age he stood out dancing at parties with the family. At the age of 9 he decided to start his training as a dancer at the Municipal Flamenco School of Granada by Antonio Vallejo Anaya (Bailaor and Director) in which soon José Cortés “El Indio” begins to set foot on the stage.

The following year he presented the Canal Sur Veo Television Competition, Veo, together with Fuensanta “La Moneta” where they won the award for the Performing Arts with the Gypsy Wedding. At the age of 11 he began working professionally in the different tablaos and caves of the Sacromonte of Granada such as Los Tarantos, La Rocío, Reina Mora, La Canastera, Los Gallos, Jardines de Zoraya, etc…

In 1998, at the age of 14, he won the first prize for the Young Flamencos of Granada as a dancer. From an early age he began to travel around the world to numerous prestigious festivals such as the Museumsuferfest in Frankfurt (Germany) which is one of the largest cultural festivals in Germany attracting more than 3 million people. It also goes to different countries like Italy,Sweden, Bulgaria,Venezuela etc….

He has shared the stage with great flamenco figures such as Juan de Juan, Capullo de jerez, El Extremeño.. etc. and currently collaborates in great shows as a dancer and percussionist with artists such as Antonio Canales and Rubén Dantas. Also in different shows such as “Apassionata” (Equestrian Show) and companies such as Alhucema with the work “El niño el bola” as a dancer and collaborating with some choreographies. He has also collaborated on numerous albums by various artists such as Sergio Pamis (flamenco/jazz pianist) or the israeli guitarist Dan Ben Lior or the group Alkimia (with producer FRANC O’SHEA) with flamenco, jazz, and ethnic music musicians.

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