Agustín Barajas is formed in different artistic fields. Acquires knowledge of performance, classical dance, contemporary dance and flamenco with teachers of great prestige since the age of 9 such as Belén Maya, Eva Yerbabuena, Juan Andrés Maya, Farruco, Antonio El Pipa, Javier Barón, Rafael de Carmen, Manuel Liñán, Juana Amaya, Tatiana Garrido, Antonio Canales, Manuel Betanzos, Alicia Márquez, Ana Maria Bueno and Mariquilla among others. In recent years he has trained at Javier Latorre’s dance center in Córdoba and currently at the Andalusian CAD Dance Center.

He debuted as a dancer in the Neptune Gardens Party Room. 1998-2001
Performance for the VII International Congress of Medicine held in Granada. 1999
Spanish representative in the Italian program “Bravo Bravísimo Internacional”, by Bongiorno Productions, in the flamenco dance modality obtaining the Revelation Award.
Performance at the International Dance Festival held in Athens – Eraklio. 2002
Tour in Latin America with the Club Tatiana Company, as “First Dancer”. 2003
Tour the Middle East with the “Mariquilla” Company as “First Dancer”. 2004
Tour in Morocco with the Flamenco Ballet of Tatiana Garrido. 2005
Performance with the company ESDANZA, directed by Oscar Quero. 2006
Flamenco musical work “Natividad” directed by Juan Andrés Maya. 2007
Flamenco equestrian show. 2008/09.
Andalusian Tourism Tour in cities of Castilla y León, Asturias, Basque Country and Balearic Islands. 2010
Tour Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara, Adana and Antalya). 2010
Shanghai Universal Expo 2010 – Spanish Pavilion (7 June-11 July and September 2010). Company of Agustín Barajas. 2010
Confederation of Andalusian rocks, Almería, Jaén, Granada, Malaga and Córdoba. 2010
The Summers of the Corral del Corral del Carbón 2011
Granada Diputación Circuit presenting the show “Primera Parada” 2012
Tour CAD Andalucia “From Voice to Body” 2012

Agustín Barajas