The singer Antonio “el Turry” is the son of guitarist Ricardo de la Juana and dancer Rosa la Canastera; at the age of 10 he joined his father’s company and from there began his professional career. At the age of 18 he moved from Almuñécar to Granada where he began working in the main tablaos of the province. Since then there are many great names in the flamenco world with whom, despite his young age, he has already worked. Highlighting Eva Yerbabuena, Niño Josele, Marina Heredia, Juan de Juan or Antonio “El Farru” among many others.

To highlight the presentation of two own shows “Flamenco by Nature” in 2015 and “Misa Flamenca” in 2016, which had a great success of critics and audiences. In 2019 he releases his first album “Sentir que sueño” which he composes and produces with the participation of artists such as Jorge Pardo, Jerónimo Maya, Israel Suarez “Piraña” and many more. Now in 2021 he is about to release what will be his second album called “Borracho de arte” with the guitar of the Madrid guitarist Jesús de Rosario. An album that will confirm him as one of the great values of flamenco singing today.

Antonio "the Turry"


Antonio Gonzalez

He began his training in the world of Dance and Flamenco at the CPD %22Luis Del Río%22 in Córdoba, a training that he complemented by studying with different teachers such as Carmela Greco, Timo Lozano, Blanca del Rey, Manuel Corrales %22El Mimbre%22, Matilde Coral,...

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Vanessa Montero

Madrid dancer based in Andalusia. He began his career from an early age in the emblematic school Amor de Dios by Carmela Greco and Belén Maya, then travels to Granada and Seville to continue training with artists from the area such as Concha Vargas, Luis de Luis,...

Agustín Barajas

Agustín Barajas is formed in different artistic fields. Acquires knowledge of performance, classical dance, contemporary dance and flamenco with teachers of great prestige since the age of 9 such as Belén Maya, Eva Yerbabuena, Juan Andrés Maya, Farruco, Antonio El...