Everybody knows, the Zoraya hooks up.

This is the saying that is constantly heard of doors for inside in the restaurant Tablao, can not be otherwise taking into account the good atmosphere that exists among the companions… what do I say companions? Family, better.

As in every house of the neighbor, in gardens of Zoraya we have the one who sings, the one who dances, the one who cooks, the funny, the serious… This is one of the things to emphasize of the restaurant, and that is that each person contributes his bit of sand so that the place works and our clients feel part of the group. It is a pleasure to visit this establishment and experience an unforgettable evening.

You won’t be able to forget the dishes you choose. In this article we will talk about the kitchen, made up of cooks from all over the world. We have partners from Argentina, Cameroon, Hungary, France and, of course, Spain. This diversity of nationalities also shows in the dishes that with great care prepare every day our chefs. These, reflect in their creations their own personality. If the employees blindfolded us and we had to taste their dishes without more sense than the taste, we would know quickly who prepared each one.

There is this differentiation, but also homogeneity. Although each has its speciality, like traditional dishes, others delight us with avant-garde dishes and others with exquisite desserts, all our chefs adapt, and thanks to their experience and professionalism, they can prepare all kinds of meals.

The interesting thing about an international cuisine is that each cook knows how to prepare unique recipes typical of his home country, but it is also an added value to have traveled and have trained in other nations.

This is Jardines de Zoraya, a place at your fingertips where you can delight in delicious dishes, created with love and designed to satisfy the most demanding palates.

After visiting, you will understand why the Zoraya engages.

David O.