New Year’s Eve Menu 2018 – Granada Restaurant – Flamenco Show

Calar goat cheese chocolates (Granada) with pistachio, stuffed with raspberry sweet, on cream of rabbits
Goat cheese pralines from Calar (Granada) with pistachio, stuffed with raspberry mermelade, on apricot cream

Starters- Starters
Parmesan asparagus cream, alfalfa sprouts, white shimeji mushrooms, picatostas
Wild asparagus cream with parmesan, alfalfa sprouts, white shimeji mushrooms and croutons

100% Iberian acorn ham table, Coloryn, Sierra de Andújar
Plate of 100% acorn-fed Iberian ham, Coloryn, Sierra de Andújar

Seafood salad (cod and salmon crumbs with Cantabrian sardines), avocado, tomato and soy vinaigrette with cane honey
“Marinera”Salad(cod and salmon crumbs with sardines from Cantabria), avocado, tomato, soy vinaigrette with cane honey.

Second- Main dish
Supreme cod with ginger squash cream, mini vegetables from the garden, candied potatoes
Supreme of cod with ginger pumpkin cream, mini vegetables, potatoes confit

Iberian dam condied to fine herbs with black garlic cream and potato concassé
Iberian pork confit, fine herbs, black garlic cream and potatoes concassé

Roasted dry lamb jar, rustic mash of potatoes and cherrie tomato confit
Segureño roast lamb shank, rustic mashed potatoes and tomato cherrie confit.

Dessert- Dessert
Crispy chocolate financier stuffed with berries cream and coffee ganache
Chocolate financier filled with cream of red berries and coffee ganache